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[ LINK ] Health and Safety Violation of Total Soccer, Temporary occupancy Permit September 5, 2019 retroactive to May 15, 2018

[ Link ]  Appraisal review page excerpt by Wierne, Rende & Associates. P.C. Title is Multi-year leases mean Washington is buying a money-losing Soccer Business for $11.5 million that the Township and Business agreed was worth $5.4 million March 14, 2019.

September 6th, 2019 Press Release

Washington Township 20 YEAR TAX INCREASE PROPOSAL socks taxpayers for $25M in shaky Total Sports Soccer Stadium money pit.

LINK ] Footnote #1: Total sports and Washington Twp. agree to $5.4M value

LINK ] Footnote #1B: Total Sports’ Tax Cut Documentation

LINK ] Footnote #2: Total Sports received 32% Tax Cut

LINK ] Footnote #3: Washington Twp. Reaches Deal to buy Total Sports

LINK ] Footnote #4: Taxpayers will pay Total sports’ $465,000 in sewer/ bond obligations

LINK ] Footnote #5: Taxpayers shouldn’t buy a money losing sports stadium. Total Sports lost $42,284 in 2018.

LINK ] Footnote #6: $7 Million loss of property taxes lost (minimum)

LINK ] Footnote #8: Epic Fails of Government run/subsidized stadiums.

September 16th, 2019 Press Release

USATFs second press release concerning the $50+ Million tax grab by Washington Towndship, MI

[ LINK ] May 23rd Apprasier’s Report

[ LINK ] May 23rd. Appraisers Excerpt (Total Sports)

[ LINK ] Total Sports Temporary Occupancy Permit

USATFs Press Release #3

Friday, September 20, 2019
Health and Safety Violations to Watch for at Saturday’s Total Sports Soccer Stadium Open House. Hint: Up to 50!

[ LINK ]  Temporary Occupancy Permit

[ LINK ] One Page Appraisal Value of Total Sports

[ LINK ] Total Sports losing Money and Sewer and site bond fees owed

[ LINK ] Total Soccer Sports’ Tax Cut Documents pages 1-15

[ LINK ] Total Soccer Sports’ Tax Cut Documents pages 16-43

Miscellaneous Source Documents

[ Link ] Macomb Daily: total Soccer Sports buys 80 acres from Washington Township

[ Link ] Purchase Agreement Washington Twp. sells 80 acres to Total Sports

Total Sports Soccer Stadium Open House September 21st