New $2 Million Transportation Tax is in Addition to the $1.9 Million SMART Bus Tax Washington Twp. Taxpayers Pay Each Year!

Washington and Bruce Township “leaders” continue to disappoint with their nonstop attacks on your wallet. USATFs offers our analysis of one of the latest:

Huge NEW $2 Million Transportation tax on August 4th, 2020! This tax we cannot afford – when the Transportation Department was totally shut down for three months!

Huge Township Transportation (STAR) Tax increase of $2 Million NEW Transportation tax on August 4th, 2020 ballot we cannot afford – when the Transportation Department was totally shut down for three months!


In 2019 the Washington and Bruce Transportation Tax rate (millage) was 0.2381. In 2020 the Transportation tax rate is ZERO[1]. Vote No on this .25 millage four year $2 Million Tax increase on August 4, 2020 election.


  1. STAR has a Surplus $1,148,898[2] – Should be spent on Road repairs!
  2. STAR transportation $2 Million New Tax is in addition to the $1.9 Million SMART Bus Tax Washington and Bruce Townships pay each year. No SMART buses come north of 23 Mile Road!
  3. STAR is poorly managed with 8 years of deficit spending.
  4. STAR has $401,718 of bank deposits that are uninsured and uncollateralized –all the manager needs to do is open two accounts at less than $250,00!
  5. No one, including Rich bus riders and helpers, pays any fare!
  6. Bus riders have to schedule 48 hours in advance with STAR and wait for pick up and wait for return trip, sharing a bus with others during the China Virus! Other communities use Uber and Lyft to help low income senior and disabled with no waiting for pickup and return, no long shared trips and big taxpayer savings.
  7. $8,000 for free Charter Trips, to casinos[3]? Boat Trips? Amusement Parks?
  8. Excessive 12% of pay for retirement when the national average is 3.5%[4] If you have a job! [ 49% of employers don’t provide ANY 401k match ]


Let’s force the Tax and Spend Washington and Bruce Township politicians to come back to the voters this November 3, 2020 Presidential Election with a much lower tax rate, and long-overdue reforms. All tax increases should be held on elections when most people vote.

[1] Kristen.sieloff@macombgov.org Director Macomb Equalization Department and Washington Township’s Supervisor and Clerk signed document L-4029

[2] Audits, Budgets and other sourced documents on www.usataxfighters.org

[3] The Betting Years: Casinos exploiting seniors?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m_9XzZdhr0

[4] https://20somethingfinance.com/401k-match/

if we keep spending money like it’s water, we’re sure to end up in the same place as it often does, down the drain!

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